Photo credit: National Cance Institute


You have certainly come across nanoparticles, even if unaware, whether in your sunscreen or in the most recent Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, where lipid nanoparticles represent the drug delivery system. What is their essential purpose, and how significant role will they play in our future?


Monjas grupo | Alberto Escudero | PhMagg | Photography

Spain was, is, and most probably will remain a never-dying source of artistic inspiration. Explore with us contemporary commercial photography with the prodigy named Alberto Escudero.

Restless, filled with a never-dying zest for new horizons, detail-oriented, and obsessed with frame and lighting, Madrid-born Ismael Yunta introduces us to his work driven by energy, dedication and passion.

How is life for a seascape photographer? Cate Brown takes us to her favorite place: the beach.

Inspiration time! Explore the work of contemporary Spaniards