Mud Jeans: This Dutch brand wants you to quit wasting jeans
© Mud Jeans


Zero-Waste Brands

By Freedom Writers

In a world where consumption exists by design and thousands of chemicals get dumped down the river to create colorful garments for the lucrative textile industry, leasing an undyed pair of jeans might be a step in the right direction.

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“Make, use, dispose of” sums up the linear fashion model still followed by many. Although the UK seems to be the winner in clothes consumption in Europe, the problem of fashion waste is worldwide, causing pollution and posing unprecedented health risks to us and all living organisms.

We often go unaware of what every single purchase we make cost the environment. It is not that we are not willing to do right by Earth, but there is not enough information, and companies are often not liable for their waste.

If you were aware and informed how the textile dyes and waste compromise clean water, impair photosynthesis and inhibit plant growth, you might think twice about buying your new cool yellow sweater or deep blue jeans. But how many of us are aware of these matters?

It seems that Bert van Son, the founder of the innovative Dutch Mud Jeans company, was aware of at least the waste management part already back in 2013.

Lease your jeans & prevent waste

Bert van Son came up with a simple solution to the problem. You can buy or lease your jeans and return them to be upcycled and worn again.

How exactly does it work? The principle is relatively simple; you pay a monthly fee for your new pair of jeans. For a monthly payment of €9,95, you can lease your Mud Jeans, and 12 months later, you can either keep them or switch them for new ones.

Of course, after a year, they are still perfectly fine jeans, so as shared with us by one of the ten team members, Nina, most people keep them much longer.

Mud Jeans: This Dutch brand wants you to quit wasting jeans
© Mud Jeans
Mud Jeans: This Dutch brand wants you to quit wasting jeans

The Mud Jeans difference

Mud Jeans managed to turn 20,000 jeans into new denim. They use it to make new jeans following the formula of 40:60, 40% post-consumer recycled cotton to 60% virgin organic cotton.

They also give preference to mineral dyes.

In his book Let my people go surfing, the famed founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, writes:

“It doesn’t make sense to go to the effort of using organically grown cotton and responsibly farmed and processed wool and then dye the fibers with toxic dyes.”

The team at Mud Jeans gives preference to mineral dyes or undyed jeans that are our absolute favorite. They also use innovative techniques that are less harmful to the environment. In collaboration with Yousstex International (Tunisia), they employ the ozone technique to soften their jeans. The jeans are soaked in a small amount of water, put under pressure with the use of ozone contained within, which has a bleaching and softening effect.

The company offers transparency and innovation towards a more sustainable and less wasteful future that allows us to shop responsibly and enjoy the world’s favorite trousers in a brand new way.